I will complete a complimentary 30 minute walk through to discuss your design needs. During our walk through I will make notes and take photos. Within 48 hours, I will prepare a brief design presentation of my ideas and recommendations for the staging and selling of your home.


Pricing will include my design fee or hourly rate depending on the project. Typically I will only do an hourly rate for a very specific and small staging job. A typical job would run from $2000-$3500 or $150 per hour. This depends on the size of the home, how many rooms require staging, and whether this is a full or partial stage.

Staging Hire

We will collaborate and make a formal design plan. We will discuss in further detail the budget, timeline, planning, preparing, design colors, furniture and fabric selection, accessories, de-cluttering, home repairs or upgrades, and/or construction/contractor options. All of these items will depend on what you want and your budget. If you would like, I can try to use as much of the items you currently own to reconfigure the design layout of your space. 


After deciding on your budget and obtaining a deposit, I will return to take more photos, room measurements, note room layouts, note areas that need to be repaired, prepare a formal contract, and schedule a staging date. I can usually schedule the staging within a week once the home has been prepped for staging, professionally cleaned and de-cluttered. I will prepare a concept board of my design ideas including accessories, art, furniture, lighting, paint colors, fabrics, renovations, etc. 

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